Virtualmin licenses

When will Virtualmin licenses be available again?

Excellent question, I have been waiting for months.
When will the licenses be available again?

I am in need of purchasing a couple.

You are not alone with this “question”.

I saw in an older thread @Joe’s comment that soon…
(some kind of payment system configuration must be done)
We look forward to the opportunity to support this great WHC(C) :wink: and of course we want to take advantage of the PRO lic.

Thank you Joe.


Sorry, @Ilia’s comment was:

Thank you very much, it means a lot for us! We will update this ticket when purchasing Pro version becomes available again!

Sorry for temporary inconvenience!

Nothing serious happened… :slight_smile: , I understand that everything takes time.
I am indeed a new user (member) here, but we have already moved nearly 15 VPS from cPanel to you.

Here I would like to thank you for your help with CWAF and Authentic Theme via GitHub.
I confirm that your modified and proposed beta version, which I installed handles the CWAF module great.

I note that Comodo Tm. has not “moved” on my ticket since then.

Thanks @Ilia


Yeah, I’m kinda concerned. I have Virt Pro and my license expired as of the 29th and no way to renew… What does that mean, exactly? No more updates? Customers get to see it? What, exactly?

It means I forgot to extend them again. That’s fixed.

No. Even if it expires, updates remain accessible for 30 days after expiration. We try really hard to make expiration non-disruptive, even in normal times.

Get to see what? The expiration notice? No. Only root sees the warning. Only the root user can do anything about it, so that’s who sees it.

Nothing you should worry about. We’re not going to leave you hanging due to my problems getting the new shop running.

Many thanks for the informative reply and addressing those concerns. When I logged in to see the license expired yesterday and that the store wasn’t allowing me to renew it - concerns arrise :slight_smile:

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We are happy to announce that Virtualmin Shop has finally been re-opened, and buying a new Pro license is possible again! Now we accept both, regular payments with a bank card (as before), and PayPal as well (new).

Thank you for being patient, and apologizes for any inconvenience posed!

Special kudos to @Joe, and all the hard work he’s done! The official message from Joe can be read on our Forums and/or on our Telegram channel.

Keep in touch.

Kind regards,