Virtualmin License Missing??

I keep getting this error when I am trying to update virtualmin:

An error occurred contacting the Virtualmin updates server :

I am running CentOS 5.5. The install worked great, and everything seems to work, except the license file. The license was for the gpl version. There is no virtualmin-license in the /etc folder, and locate virtualmin-license turns up nothing. How do I fix this with out having to reinstall everything?

Will the missing license file affect my virtual servers?


How did you do the installation, was it with the script?

It would normally generate a /etc/virtualmin-license file for you. In it’s absence, you should just be able to create a new one… I think the contents would look like this:

SerialNumber=GPL LicenseKey=GPL

I created the reop and did it through yum. I never had that problem before though.
To answer my question about the virtual servers. No they are not affected, but you will have to copy the license file to the virtual servers that were created after the license file went missing.

/* Instructions */

Here is how I did this for anyone who is not that familiar with the Linux / Unix Terminal, and has to access the server remotely. I am sorry I am a Linux guy, and am not that familiar with the windows installation of Virtualmin.

Side note: If there is anyone who know the windows installation of Virtualmin please post the directions for the windows users. Or you could just email me at and I will be more then happy to do this. Thank You in advance.

The # denotes that it is a command.

  1. Open a terminal (the console / command prompt)

  2. ssh into your machine. I use ssh because it is more secure then tellnet…

  3. Lets first check to see if the file is in it’s right place.
    # ls /etc/virtualmin-license

    If the file is there the out put will be:

    If the file is missing then there will be no output…

  4. If you think that it might somehow be somewhere else on your system then you can use the locate command. (This should not be the case unless you have changed or moved the file location manually, or done a manual installation of Virtualmin and change the the file location). done a manual install).
    # locate virtualmin-license

    If the file has been located somewhere other then etc directory, you will have two options.

    One: (Not Recommended) Change the location of the the license file in the Virtualmin configuration file / module. I am not too sure where the file is. The default installation settings work just fine.

    Two: Move the file to the proper location using the mv command.
    # mv -v /Current/Folder/File/Location /etc/virtualmin-license

    If you get no output from the locate command then proceed to the next step.

  5. Change to the etc directory (the location of the license file) using the cd command.

    # cd /etc

  6. Create a new file with the license information. I use nano because it is easy to use, but others might have vim. The concept will be exactly the same for vim but the commands will be different.
    # nano virtualmin-license

    After you hit enter a blank file will be created with the file name virtualmin-license. (There is no . after the file name virtualmin-license. I only put it there to be grammatically correct).

    Then we are going to want enter the serial number, and the license key. In the blank file you are going to want to enter the following information:


    Enter the information exactly how you see it above.

    (If you have a paid version then login to your Virtualmin account, download the license file (you should always have a backup) then upload it to your virtualmin server through the web interface. ie… https://IP_ADDRESS_OF_Virtual_Server:10000 (this is the default port number)).

    Once the information above has been entered we will save the file, and exit nano.
    To do this press Ctrl x

    At the bottom of the terminal this will appear:
    Save modified buffer (ANSWERING “No” WILL DESTROY CHANGES) ?

    To save the changes press y

    At the bottom of your terminal this will appear:
    File Name to Write: /etc/virtualmin-license

    (When we switched directories earlier it put us into the etc directory which is the default directory for the Virtualmin license.

    There is no need to change the file name either because:

    A: When we issued the nano command we already named the file. ie…
    # nano virtualmin-license

    B: Then you will have to change other files just to get this to work so we will just stick with the default file name which is virtualmin-license. Remember there is no . after the file name).

    Press enter to confirm the file name and location.

    That is it. You are now set.
    There is no need to restart your system, or any services.

  7. If you want to verify that the file is there before you close out your ssh then use the ls command.
     <code># ls</code>  (this is providing you are still in the <em>etc</em> directory)
     <code># ls /etc/virtualmin-license</code>
  8. Lets close out ssh now.  To do this simply type the work <strong>exit</strong> and hit <strong>enter</strong>.

/* END Instructions */

I hope this has helped. If you feel that this could be written differently so that it is easer to understand, or that it is lacking information then please either post the new instructions or email me at and I will be glad to update this post myself, and my own personal documentation.

Thank You for all of the community support. Please keep it up, and continue to share your knowledge, and support, because with out the help of others we would not be who we are today.

And a personal Thank You to:
Jamie Cameron, Joe Cooper, and Eric Andreychek
You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.


     <strong>Ryan Spinuzzi<strong>