Virtualmin Licences


I have a question about Virtualmin Licensing.
We have now purchased the Virtualmin License for 2 servers, one of them is running the license for 10 domains (10 Virtual Servers) and another is running for 50 domains (50 Virtual Servers), so when we installed these servers we have used the install files for “each” license, but as far as I can see now in the virtualmin, we cannot change the License ID number there, so I am wondering what will happen now when we will extend the 50 domains license to 100, how can we specify WHICH of these 2 servers will get that license ?

I did a research about this on the Virtualmin forum, but I found some old posts from 2007 and I am not sure
if that will work, so I am posting a new “post” … sorry for this !!

PS: at the time we will purchase unlimited domains license for both servers…

Thank You


Since you have a license, you could create a ticket via - to get an even faster response.

thank you for reply, will do so, you can just delete this post …