Virtualmin LetsEncrypt path doesn't match DocumentRoot

My employer has challenged me to find a fool-proof way to implement LetsEncrypt across all our internal domains. At this point Virtualmin seems like the best solution since it works out of the box with a pretty good gui.

So far i’ve gotten it to work on a handful of virtualhosts on our test server. But i’ve come across a problem trying to enable it on a virtualhost with a non-default DocumentRoot.

Using the module through Webmin gives me a input field for the challenge location, but Virtualmin doesn’t seem to have that. Instead theres a fixed path that doesn’t follow the DocumentRoot specified in the virtualhosts directives.

How do i change the challenge path, in Virtualmin?

Use when generating the cert for each host / domain you can specify the doc root.

N.B. Once you have started using certbot you can no longer use the built in Virtualmin way of generating certs.

You can also use the howto i wrote on this, then you will have a central documentroot for just letsencrypt. And you won’t need to bother again about using whatever doc root you are using.

Drawback, as applejack said, you won’t use Virtualmins way of generating certs anymore, but you can point your new hosts to the centralized cert within Virtualmin’s settings.


He means the webroot path i.e. webroot-path = /home/ not the cert path. I’m pretty sure anyway.