Virtualmin LDAP

Hello everyone, i’ve been working with multiple instances of Virtualmin GPL, and followed the Virtualmin LDAP old guide.
After a while tinkering around we got all working with replication.

We made a full guide to get everything working with Virtualmin in some simple steps including replication.

If anyone would like the guide let me know, but at the same time, does anyone know how can we work around the problem of users already existing in the LDAP?.

For example, the issue arises when we restore a backup of a virtual server in a server that also exists on another Virtualmin instance.

So we get issues with users and administration users. (They already exist on the LDAP server).

Any way to just issue warnings and ignore their existence?

I tried uploading the guide we made, but I don’t seem to get it to upload, so just let me know and i’ll provide a link.