Virtualmin is too slow for Wordpress

How hard I try to like it, Virtualmin is too slow for Wordpress, even when I connect to another database on another vps which one is not Virtualmin, Wordpress is slow.

  • htaccess files never work will not picked up by any cache plugin
  • Ngnx on Virtualmin will also not help to make Wordpress on Virtualmin faster
  • MySQL Turner and Apache2Buddy are also not work
  • PHP FPM will also not make wordpress faster
  • 4GB Ram 2 CPU does not also make wordpress faster
  • Apache_mod does doesn’t also make wordpress faster and all other combos I have tried them all

Trying Drupal and that was faster than Wordpress but a lot of extensions are missing in Virtualmin
Installer Wordpress on Virtualmin is out of date and does not work

  • SSL in nginx is a drama with their PEM nonsense, seems to be that there is a field mission for the bundle which one is on apache
  • Lets Encrypt is a drama too, takes too long to respond, Lets Encrypt has a limit, if you do that to much you are out of using Lets Encrypt

Short story Virtualmin is good for html pages only, Virtualmin has too many bugs or things that are missing, the pro version is nothing more than a lot of install scripts, well if wordpress is not working than I wonder what is working …

I am busy with Virtualmin for a week … Virtualmin is too slow for Wordpress and it is not the database, its something else on Virtualmin.


Well, that’s not really an issue we’re seeing for most users.

It’s just Apache and MySQL serving website requests, the control panel isn’t involved in that.

The most common cause for a slow website is an issue with the website itself… with WordPress, we see slowness issues come up when specific plugins are installed.

Just to rule out an unusual issue, you could also try a different PHP Execution Mode… that can be changed in Server Configuration -> Website Options.

It’s also possible you’re seeing a resource issue of some kind… not enough CPU or RAM resources to process the request. You may need to review the system load and available RAM, and ensure that the system isn’t trying to do too much. There could be a service running that’s using too many resources, maybe there’s not enough RAM, or maybe even bots found your website and are hammering on it trying to guess at a password.

Those are all just ideas though – to really get to the bottom of it, you’ll have to do some troubleshooting.

Since most folks aren’t experiencing that issue, the key is to figure out what’s going on with the setup there that’s different from other installations.



hi, well well well… I don’t know specs of your server but my wp sites are about 93 percent faster than any other hosted wp site in same country dc. Giving the benefit of doubts, I do coded my themes from scratch, so perhaps that seems to be also the reason, however I did try speed tests with 70+ free wp themes and it was still 80% faster than any other hosting out here. (In USA which is likewise behind miles of ocean, out there, for me it was still 83% faster there - I am based in EU). Keep in mind that I have no business line here and my upload link is about 9-10 MiB/s. I run my own server on 9 years old laptop which does not even have screen, its some low sh!te duo core with 4 gigs ram, the true is the fact I am running it on ssd but even back in the times like 4 years ago virtualmin was and still is bloody fast be it for running huge db-dependent cmses (I have one with around 23GiB and its fast like death!) and for installations its go fast as well…

Perhaps issue is not with cms or virtualmin itself, but your hw setup…? (not trying to accuse anyone of anything, just it would be worth to investigate a bit more before some assumptions are made…it would be very disrespectful and quiet arrogant to do that, without full investigation or understanding…).

Virtualmin is great peace of open sourced code developed and supported by greatest people out there and I am very glad and even unspeakable thankful, for that I can use it and modified any of its code parts if I need it, or even be part of this great community. I do use apache and let’s encrypt, for years - I had no dramas / issues at all… I guess it all depends from knowledge, like you know and fully understand what are you doing, what distro you are using and how code do outputs - in end of the day you working with machine and machine will only do what you will tell it to do. I think I am not alone here out there in world who can say virtualmin is damn fast and if you know what are you doing, you have no issues and if any bugs/issues, most of them you can repair by yourself or with help of this beautiful community and virtualmin folks - just ask :slight_smile:

I think your post is about saying that you not happy with virtualmin speed or something however there is not constructive description of what is actually slow and what dramas you have or what the problem actually is, perhaps you just wanted to say its slow or something - I do not think anyone would be able to help you unless you share real question, feel free to investigate your issue, read the docs or pop here back and give out some insights, perhaps make video of that issue and ask the questions. I believe that me and other great folks here would be more than happy to help!

Have great day and live life better haydrionrayel!

I have had my problem with virt but if your wordpress is slow it is not a vir t issue it’s your machine/setup. I am using a nearly 10 year old server with 12 cores and 64 gigs of ram with virt running and my wordpress sites fly. You either do not have enough cpu/ram/bandwidth…something but I can tell you it isn’t virt.