Virtualmin is not adding all DNS records when creating new virtual servers

Hola, everyone! I just noticed that Virtualmin is not adding some DNS records that I added for master zone when creating new virtual servers.

For example, for the first master zone I added two “A” records for IPs assigned to my VPS and then added two “NS” records (ns1.domain and ns2.domain) which are my nameservers for domains hosted at my VPS.

However, when a new virtual server is created only one “A” record and one “NS” are added for the domain (ns1.domain) while second IP and “ns2.domain” get missing from the DNS zones for the virtual server created and therefor is reported as “Missing nameservers” when checking the domain with DNS tools.

How can I fix this issue in order to avoid manually adding missing DNS records to every virtual server created?

Thank you very much in advanced for the advises (;

Did you put the dns info you want to add to every domain into the virtualmin/system settings/server templates/default/bind dns domain/ settings page?

edited to correct location

Is this a valid input to add additional record in “BIND DNS records for new domains” box in BIND DNS domain settings page:

@ IN NS ns2.domain.


${DOM}. IN NS ns2.domain.

Thank you very much for your help (;


I think what you are looking for is defaults that can be set on template basis in System Settings/Server Templates.

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