Virtualmin IPv6 DNS record validation fails, how to ignore error?

OS type and version: Ubuntu 18.04.6
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.17.gpl-3
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

Every day I get an error from Virtualmin because there are some Apache websites on a server that doesn’t have IPv6 enabled, but still have IPv6 DNS records.
This is correct, the configuration is made on purpose (reverse proxy / load balancing). How can I automatically ignore these errors? Because I now get an error every thing Virtualmin does it’s periodic check-up.

Apache website : An IPv6 DNS record domeinname.tld with address some-ipv6-address exists, but this virtual server does not have IPv6 enabled domainname.tld

I’ve found some topics om the forum, but none with a solution (in most cases the conclusion is a faulty configuration, but in my case it isn’t.

If you would like the daily error reports to come in at any other frequency, you could configure cron via Webmin > System > Scheduled Cron Jobs. Then you would get error reports once a week or once a month or once a year, since your emphasis appears to be on addressing the daily error reports that you get.

Thank you for your suggestion. I enabled these warnings to detect other errors. If I decrease the amount and/or ignore the reports, other errors will not be noticed by me.

That’s why I hope to find some way to ignore these errors (specifically for these domains and/or otherwise these type of errors)

It’s some kind of exception, I know, but if I leave it, there will be a day we’ll mis real errors because of it :slight_smile:

Have a look at Server Configuration ⇾ Change IP Address page.

Although, the code checks for correspondence, which is the right thing to do. If you have DNS IPv6 records then Apache should have them too.

Hi Ilia,

I think we don’t understand each other. I understand the error, and understand why this occurs. It’s also valid. Only thing is that there is a (good) reason for me to ignore this warning for these websites.

How can I suppress these warnings for these websites (or this type of error in case that’s the only possibility)

I don’t think there is a straight way forward to suppress those messages, right @Jamie?

Perhaps, manually adding to virtual server domain config file ip6=aabb:ccdd:ee00 could suppress this message from appearing?

There’s no way right now to suppress these errors, sorry … we assume that if there’s an IPv6 address in DNS for the domain, Apache will be able to serve it. Unfortunately this doesn’t well cover the case where you have an external proxy that can do v4 and v6, but the Virtualmin system only does v4 (which I assume is your setup?)

You’re correct. I understand I have a special case/set-up. Thanks for the answer Jamie.

If possible it would be great to have some way to fix this, but I understand that some special set-up like this isn’t supported and you’ve got other priorities :wink:

I think we could add a special case to handle this situation.

Do you have Virtualmin setup to do your DNS hosting? Also, is there a reason you don’t proxy IPv6 to IPv6?

App is partly not compatible with IPv6 so because of this it’s not enabled on this backend server.

Oh, I see… I’ll see if we can add an option to suppress this particular check.

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