Virtualmin into a VM (proxmox), what hostname should I put ?

Hey guys !

First post here, I hope i’m doing everything in the rules, if not, just let me know.

I just got a powerful dedicated server in order to merge 2 dedicated that i was using. One was for a windows VM and the other was hosting my sites under Centos+ a mod of Virtualmin distributed by OVH.
I installed Proxmox in order to create 2 Vm in this dedicated. The windows part was quite easy.

Now here I am, my host has a dedicated IP and I connect to the proxmox panel either by its IP AA.AA.AA.AA:8006 or by an address given by OVH NSXXXX.IP-XX-XX-XX.NET:8006.

I created a VM and installed CentOS on it. I linked an IP FO BB.BB.BB.BB to it by assigning this VM a virtual mac address linked to this IP. The gateway to connect to internet is AA.AA.AA.254 and the mask is With that configuration, CentOS is connected to internet and I can yum update and install package as I want.

Now here comes the problem (or rather should I say my lack of knowledge):
The hostname in this machine is local.localhost . I have no idea what to change it to in order to install Virtualmin and make it run like a proper server. I also have no idea if I should change the hostname with --static or not. I dont really get that point. I looked over the internet for a while and it seems that I should input somehting like . But I don’t understand how to reroute this domain so that it can actually access the server.

After all that, will come the problem of the nameserver. NSXXXX.IP-XX-XX-XX.NET will obvisouly not work because the host(proxmox) doesnt have BIND DNS installed right ? So i’m 100% lost. Hostname and nameserver are usually somehting I don’t get a headache on when I’m not in a VM but this time I just don’t get how the whole schema works.

I hope you guys can clarify things for me and help me in the process to set those servers up.



You can make up whatever hostname you want, so long as you own the domain in question.

We usually suggest a hostname such as name.domain.tld.

As long as you own “domain.tld”, “name” can be anything you want.

Though, after installing Virtualmin, you would want to create a DNS ‘A’ record for ‘name.domain.tld’.

As for nameservers, there is some documentation here that may get you started – though note that you’d do all this after performing the Virtualmin install:


Consider the fact that I own and my webmin address being

Now i want to set up webmin as a name server.

can I use too ?

I’ve read lots of stuff online about setting up nameservers with BIND DNS but this SOA, slave/master story is driving me crazy.

I would like to have clear ressources to learn about this stuff with practical example but I cant find any oriented webmin users.


There is some information here on how to setup a nameserver – this should get you started on how to do that:

Well i’ve read this over and over (as you previously posted it already), but I still have pingdom errors.

I’ll try to be as precise as I can in detailling my setup, but don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m missing something.

I have a server under Centos7 as previously said. I’m using Virtualmin to handle the configuration of my site, Webmin for the server.

My server has IP AA.AA.AA.AA and I have 10 IP failover (We’ll call them for this scenario BB.BB.BB.BB to KK.KK.KK.KK).

I own the domain SERVER.COM, and I updated my DNS records to point it @ AA.AA.AA.AA (I’m at Godaddy)
I also created 2 glue records at godaddy, to declare my domain as nameserver: NS1.SERVER.COM -> AA.AA.AA.AA & NS2.SERVET.COM -> BB.BB.BB.BB

I connect to my virtualmin via WEB.SERVER.COM:10000 (I added a A records in godaddy for WEB to point to AA.AA.AA.AA)

In VirtualMin>System Setting>Server Templates>Default my Master DNS zone is set at (should I change it? if yes, will it update all the records already created? where do I put )

Under the DNS records of MYDOMAIN2.COM I have the SOA set to WEB.SERVER.COM ROOT.WEB.SERVER.COM < I can’t change it and i’m confused because I have no idea of what is it.

Now for the problem part: I have red alerts in Pingdom when I check DNS records for that is set with NS1.SERVER.COM and NS2.SERVER.COM.

Since I can’t post image yet it seems, here’s the link to the error in question :

So basically, I feel like it’s all wrong. If anyone could tell me what should I check/change that would be amazing. I’ve been reading about DNS for the last 8 hours and I feel more confused than ever.