Virtualmin Interface Customization

Hi there!

I’m using Virtualmin Pro since June, and I am really very pleased with it. I migrated from Plesk, which made me sick.
The situation at my users is a little different, they preferred the “look and feel” of Plesk and don’t really realize how much better Virtualmin is.

So I decided to replace the System Information page (the one that appears right after login) with a page that lists, grouped by category, with some nice icons, the most common tasks with direct links to them.
The question is: how can I integrate stuff like the "dom" GET variable? Where is the best place on the filesystem to place that page?

Another thing I would like to do, but don’t know if is possible, is reorganize or better yet replace the left menu. Where should I start at?

You’d want to make your own copy of the virtual-server-theme and work on that. Name it something new, and then when new versions of our theme come out, they won’t overwrite your changes.

The menu is built in left.cgi, and the System Information page is built by right.cgi.

Note that there are some pretty dramatic changes happening right now in the theme…but it sounds like you’re going a completely different direction (which is cool…if your new theme ideas are generally useful, maybe you should post about them in the hacks forum, and/or package them up for others to try out).

nice, thanks!
i will report my results, if i get any :slight_smile: