Virtualmin installer for Ubuntu 8.04

Howdy all,

In the very exciting hours during which I was waiting for FreeBSD test installs to complete (ports are rather slow to install, for those folks who’ve never tried FreeBSD), I worked on getting everything in place for Ubuntu 8.04LTS, and a few minutes ago, I completed a successful test install on that platform.

So, all you Ubuntu fans, 8.04LTS is ready for action.

Same install script as always, no caveats or warnings…Ubuntu 8.04 is nearly as nice as Debian 4.0 for servers, and there are no major gotchas. And, of course, the packages are a lot newer than 6.06LTS, so it’s definitely a great improvment over the prior supported Ubuntu version.

Holler if anything blows up.

For those wondering how I could possibly suggest that Ubuntu is inferior to Debian: The Ubuntu folks have chosen to make use of invalid syntax in the Apache configuration file, and pre-process it during startup of the service. “Why would they commit such an atrocity?” I hear you gasp. And the answer: “Because it would be, you know, kinda hard to parse the configuration file. And we wouldn’t want our software developers here at Canonical to have to do anything hard, like parse the Apache configuration file. So we just crammed some shell variables in there. Those are really easy to deal with.”

Not that I’m bitter. (And before the flames begin, I love Ubuntu on the desktop. On the server, I’m ambivalent. I think Debian gets more right, in general.)

Oh, forgot to mention, only i386 is complete right now. amd64 will be ready in another day or so (gotta build the packages).