Virtualmin Installation on FreeBSD?


I tried to install virtualmin on FreeBSD 7.1-RC2

First, i installed webmin 1.441 from the portstree. This is working fine. After that, i tried to install virtualmin from the ports. That also seemed to work fine but when i look into webmin, there is no trace of virtualmin.

Ok, thats a prob of the virtualmin port i thought. So i installed a fresh freebsd with webmin and this time i downloaded the virtualmin module and theme from the homepage. I added the modules with webmin, they were installed successfully. I also changed the theme. Logged out, logged in. But again, there is no option for virtualmin - only the virtualmin theme was applied.
I can see the virtualmin module in the modules list. But only there, nowhere else.

I dont get it.
Did anybody ever get virtualmin working on freebsd? I’m stuck with it… No idea where to go from here.<br><br>Post edited by: worel, at: 2009/01/02 08:09

Are you using the GPL or the Pro version?

Either should be capable of working, but the install script supports FreeBSD, and would make installation much simpler.

I’m using the GPL version because we need to test it very hard before use it in the production environment (we’re using plesk now)

I thought the install scripts only work for ubuntu, debian and centos?

Ooops, i just took a look into the

Actually it is really supporting freebsd 7 :wink:

I was just reading the information on the webmin homepage…

I’ll try it with the install script!

Well, give it a shot, I’m not sure if that actually installs on FreeBSD with the GPL version though.

If not – what are the names and versions of Webmin, Virtualmin, and the theme packages do you have installed?

The script installed all of the necessary software which is needed to run virtualmin properly.

It quit when the script tried to download the webmin package, for which credentials are needed to download (because its the PRO version)

Ok, it didnt help me because i wanted it GPL. But in the future, i will still start installing all the necessary packages by executing the install script (even if its quitting with an "error"). I dont know what packages have to be installed, because there are so many little apps to add (like logrotate, cyrus-imapd and so on).

The webmin/usermin and virtualmin installation can be done manually.
But thats still my problem yet.

Eric, what u asked me was the version number:

Webmin 1.441
Virtualmin Framed Theme 6.52
Virtualmin Module 3.642

(the virtualmin version in the freebsd ports was 3.62)

I will try to install usermin meanwhile… Lets see if that one works on my FreeBSD Installation.

I’ll try to get a version of the script posted soon that’ll also support Virtualmin GPL on FreeBSD. Because our FreeBSD support is somewhat less complex (and less complete–FreeBSD has some issues that prevent it from being a Grade A supported OS…you can see the notes link for more on that), it requires less maintenance, so I guess there’s no harm in making it work. I already maintain a .wbm repository for GPL, and that’s the majority of the stuff that needs maintaining.

U know the thing with FreeBSD as a hosting platform is, that u always get the newest version of applications available (in ports)

This may be good sometimes for some techie customers which like to experiment and need bleeding edge technologie.

But it isn’t for running a “long lasting and stable” server on the app side. Customers might be turned off if they got always the newest PHP 5.2.x version and so on.

The base OS is rock solid, no question. But the apps are changing its version quickly. There are no sec updates to PHP 5.2.6 like 5.2.6_update1; its PHP 5.2.8 or 5.2.9 as soon as it is released in the ports tree. (and so on, just an example)

FreeBSD not the best choice for LTS when it comes to installed applications.
But the best for getting always the newest (and stable though) versions of software available.

(I had this discussion going on on some bsd boards.)

But still: I like FreeBSD a lot. :wink: