virtualmin installation and login

Hi guys,
i have followed along with youtube video on installing virtualmin, and have set it up on an ubuntu server on Google Cloud Compute.

I am unable to login using the ipaddress:10000 as outlined in video. Error below:

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

My assumption is that port 10000 is not open?
I am not sure how to do this exactly?
Can i setup a tunnel instead of opening this port…Google Cloud documentation says that we can only tunnel in using ssh? ( i would need a step by step procedure of this too (i have setup a tunnel with a bitnami centos stack image, but not a google cloud unbuntu server instance.

EDIT…i have successfully setup an SSH Tunnel. I can putty into GCC server but cannot access it via web browser.

I have enterred https://<>:10000/

It times out

an MxToolbox HTTPS and HTTP lookups produce an error
an MxToolbox DNS lookup displays the correct ip address of the Google Cloud Compute Server
an MXToolbox PORT SCAN shows only port 22 SSH as being open

kind regards

Hi Adam, yes your port 10000 looks like it is closed. I would try this:

enable ssh tunnel session: ssh -D 11000 root@your-google-server -N

Then setup firefox or google chrome proxys with those parameters:

  • Socks Host: localhost
  • Port: 11000
  • SOCKS: v5 (v4 supported too)

Keep terminal window open till you not finished your browsing. Access your-server:10000 in your browser. I would ask them to open port 10000 if possible for your server so you dont have to do it each time, however keeping port 10000 closed if you run webmin/virtualmin is good security practice. Its like one extra step to be more secure.

I have figured this out guys…needless to say almost everyone who attempts to run this on google cloud compute engine is going to need my solution in order to get virtualmin working on it.

Anyone ever needs help just email me.
The solution is so simple, yet absolutely vital, i cannot believe no one else has included in it any instructions!

you aint let your email for users yet… :wink:

Anyone ever needs help just email me
No. You come here asking for help and if you got the solution it would be visible/accessible to everyone. So how about to act in the same way and post it here instead of asking others to send you an email.