VirtualMin crash.

I’m posting a screen shot of the error I get. Here’s the deal. I’m using a Dedicated machine and my hosting provider automatically installs webmin for me (even if I remove it). So there’s no way around that (for now). I’ve removed all other packages and still no joy. any ideas?


here’s the log, in it’s entirety:


It looks like there’s some sort of problem with Usermin. Is that also being preinstalled by your provider?

I’m curious what output you receive if you run this command:

apt-get install usermin

However, you might consider removing it, if it’s already installed, and letting the installer pull that in from the Virtualmin repository.


did apt-get install usermin got:


apt-get -f install


Then I re-ran and it looks like it’s working.

Now I go into webmin, recheck the virtualmin config, and it tells me:

So I’ll muttle thru for now, getting it to work, hopefully flawlessly. My only other concern will be getting an SSL cert so I can have a green address bar in my browser… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help thus far!

If webmin is already installed, why are you using the script to install virtualmin? The script, as I understand it, is written to install the whole LAMP/Webmin/Virtualmin. “The installer should only be used on systems that are not currently running Webmin or hosting any websites” is the first line on

Why don’t you just install the virtualmin module into webmin, using the “Webmin modules” section of Webmin Configuration module"? You can find instructions on how to do that here:


Well, in the situation he was describing – it sounds like he was for the most part dealing with a fresh install, but one where his provider happens to install Webmin and Usermin ahead of time.

Virtualmin really can be a bear to fully configure manually, and it really can save a lot of hassle to use the

Since his system was essentially fresh, it didn’t sound like there were significant customization, that is a case where using the would be preferable.

But you’re absolutely right, when there are live sites and such already hosted on the system, using the can introduce problems.