Virtualmin in Newsweek (briefly)

Hi all,
<p>Just thought I’d share a cool little mention Virtualmin, Inc. got over at Newsweek. It’s an article about Y Combinator’s Winter Founders Program, which Jamie and I took part in over the past three months (an awesome experience!). It’s got a nice photo of me and Jamie, and quite a bit of detail about the program and the fellows who built Weebly (a really nice AJAX website builder that we’ll probably be adding import support for in the near future).</p>
<p>The article was written by Steven Levy, who is the awesome tech write behind “Hackers”, “Artificial Life”, and “Crypto”. Meeting him was a great experience for me, as I’ve been a fan for years.</p>
<p>Oh, yeah, feel free to vote for Virtualmin as the best product. (After checking out all of the others, of course. We wouldn’t want you to vote uninformed. Several cool products in the list, though we think ours is the coolest.) ;-)</p>
<p><a href=“”>Article with our picture</a></p>