Virtualmin hosts config lost!

Hi all, Im using debian 6, virtualmin 4.00 GPL, webmin 1.630, theme version 8.7.

The issue is that I lost all virtual servers config after an update from virtualmin 3.98 to 4.00.
I reinstalled all (except webmin), I restarted webmin several times, re-checked configurations, but virtual servers don’t appear.

All of virtualservers are running correctly, I don’t know what to do…

Some ideas?

Thank you!!

I searched in this forum before ask, I’m unlucky

And when I’m trying to recover from a backup, it says:
Re-creating virtual server
… a clash was detected : A unix user named -USERNAME- already exists - try selecting a different administration username

… failed! See the progress output above for the reason why.

well, no chance, I’m recovering from backups :frowning:

mate, are you able to list the exact steps you did, because i’ve upgraded about 10 diff vmin servers and never had an issue with vhosts disappearing. im using debian 6 as well.

if you’re getting username clashes, backup /etc/passwd/ then remove all the conflicting usernames that are in there (leave system users, just remove vhost users). when you restore the backup, it will re-create them automatically and add them back to /etc/passwd

Thanks for your reply kthaker, I removed all users and now I can import from backup without problems.

I think that the problem was my apt sources, because I needed an oldy php config, and when I updated to debian 7 the update crashed, I got problems with perl, forbidden err 500 and any kind of errors(in virtualmin), I reinstalled completely virtualmin and It made that can’t see any virtualhosts. It was a disaster.

Are you thinking to upgrade to debian 7?


thats excellent! glad to hear that you’re sorted out now.

i was under the impression that when you upgraded only virtualmin, your issues started happening!

to be honest, im going to run existing debian 6 servers on the side as is for a while… but setup new debian 7 servers for use going forward (once vmin is fully supported that is). then migrate vhosts to that new server when needed.

i’ve had many issues before doing OS upgrades with servers… so i’m trying to avoid that unecessary downtime that usually always happens with those tasks :slight_smile:

you can keep an eye on the virtualmin/debian 7 happenings here: