Virtualmin hangs at

I’ve been using Webmin and Virtualmin (GPL) for long time, without any kind of problem, always on the same server! Yesterday i was trying to edit some old Virtualmin domains (adding users and modifying mail forwarding) but Virtualmin halted the “save” process with that error:

Failed to save mailbox : require virtual-server/ failed :
Died at (eval 84) line 4.

The SAME errorcode was returned trying to create new virtual domains or modifying anything else.

BUT if i try to modify postfix users/mailboxes (as example), using standard webmin module, everything works fine!

Thanks for any idea you could give us…


Do you get any errors showing up in /var/webmin/miniserv.error?

And just to be sure, do you have a decent amount of RAM on the machine? Sometimes if there isn’t enough, weird things can happen :slight_smile:

If all that isn’t an issue though, I might open a ticket using the Issues and Bugs tracker below.


thanks for your reply! Well, after some playing :slight_smile: i’ve found where the problem was… during last webmin upgrade (webmin configurations/upgrade) virtualmin was not updated at all and i did not ever give a look at current virtualmin version.

Now I’ve downloaded virtualmin 3.64 and installed it (as a module) and everything is working fine again!

Am I missing something ot there’s no way to “auto” upgrade virtualmin module during webmin’s updates?

Thanks again for suppor :slight_smile:

Am I missing something ot there's no way to "auto" upgrade virtualmin module during webmin's updates?

We actually built a fancier mechanism for updating Virtualmin, and ideally it means you never use the Webmin update module again. It depends on your OS, however, and how you installed Virtualmin, as to whether you can use that option and how you’d set it up.

Regardless, even if you wanted to stay with the old standard Webmin way, Virtualmin GPL is, I believe in the module updates repository…so if you do a module update in Webmin, I believe it’ll offer to update Virtualmin (the module name is “virtual-server”). But, I would think it would be obvious that because Virtualmin is not part of Webmin, a Webmin upgrade will never upgrade Virtualmin. :wink: