Virtualmin GPL, Windows 7 and WebDav

I have installed Virtualmin GPL on a Virtual machine for development purposes. I would like to access the account on a Virtualmin trough Windows Explorer using WebDav service (as I was able to do so with Cyn.In’s WebDav service at my previous company), but simply can’t get it to work. Can’t connect… Any suggestions?

WebDav works through the browser / Apache in your case, right? Can you request other web pages on the same server? How exactly does “can’t connect” manifest itself?

Can you resolve the server name? Ping it? Telnet to port 80?

Well, I just did a default setup of a web server (called it webapp.lan), and it works normaly (can access FTP, can open in Firefox…).

To use DAV I go to My Computer, right click on a empty space, and click “Add a network location” and entered “http://webapp.lan/dav”. Windows said that folder does not seem to be valid. I tried bouth http and https

Do you have the WebDAV feature in Virtualmin enabled and active for the virtual server in question?

You can try “Limits and Validation -> Validate Virtual Servers” to check if all Virtualmin settings concerning WebDAV are okay.

You should have the following section in the vserver’s Apache file:

<Location /dav> DAV On AuthType Basic AuthName DOMAIN AuthUserFile /home/HOMEDIR/etc/dav.digest.passwd Require valid-user ForceType text/plain Satisfy All RemoveHandler .php RemoveHandler .php5 RewriteEngine off </Location> ProxyPass /dav/ ! ProxyPassReverse /dav/ !