Virtualmin GPL, ubuntu 12.04 and PHP4

Hi guys, sorry if it’s already been asked but I didn’t manage to find a clear answer about that.

I would like to install PHP4 to manage legacy websites on my server but I don’t find anyway to make it.

When I try apt-get install php4, a message tells me that it’s obsolete and can’t be installed.

Is there any way to make it ?

Many thanks


I’m unfortunately not familiar with a PHP4 package available for Ubuntu 12.04.

If you found one that could work alongside PHP5, Virtualmin would work with it – but that’s the biggest catch, since PHP4 reached it’s End of Life in 2007, it’s no longer considered safe to use, and it’s difficult to find a packages providing it.


Thanks for your answer :wink:
Isn’t it possible to install it manually and configure apache to use it for legacy websites ?

That should be possible, though I don’t have instructions on how to do that.

I believe Virtualmin looks for the presence of a file named “/usr/bin/php4-cgi” to determine if PHP4 is installed.

Just remember that this isn’t recommended anymore though, since PHP4 hasn’t had any security updates in 6 years :slight_smile:


One man’s “legacy website” is another man’s future botnet member. :wink:

Strong suggestion: do NOT use php4 anymore or any website that requires it.