VirtualMin GPL thinks it's a Pro after update to 6.10 (but without license)

After the update to version 6.10 yesterday, my dashboard on a GPL install is showing “6.10 Pro” as VirtualMin version. Running on CentOS 7.8.

Hitting the “re-check license” button gives this error:

Now re-checking your Virtualmin license …
… license is OK! It is valid for unlimited Virtualmin domains, and for use on unlimited systems.

However, a temporary problem occurred during this license check : An error occurred checking the licence : Invalid host or serial number.

… invalid expiry date :

What has happened, will it affect my operation somehow (like stopping to work after some time because of the “missing” license), and how to get back to the GPL version?

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Crap! Ignore me. :smiley:
Although I checked the forums before, I obviously overlooked the exisiting topic for this problem.


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