Virtualmin GPL Setup Apache+PHP5+CGI mode

I’m lookinf on forum for config a Virtualmin GPL with Apache + PHP5 with Suexec mode CGI, but I don’t see anything. (Also Suexec + mod_fcgid)

There any post or solution for config Virtualmin GPL with this setup?

I look any post, but confused.

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By default, Virtualmin will attempt to use suexec along with mod_fcgid.

That can be configured in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Template -> Apache Website – look for "Automatically add appropriate SuExec directive" and "Default PHP execution mode".

The PHP execution mode is actually a Professional only feature–the code is in the Install Scripts module, so it ends up not in GPL.

I have covered how to automatically do the same things in GPL in the past at least a couple of times, though. My Internet connection is horribly slow today for some reason…so searching is proving frustrating.

Ah, here it is: