VirtualMin GPL - Quota Monitoring / General Status Info


Is it possible to enable quota monitoring / notifications in Virtualmin GPL?

Also as the Master Admin is it possible to get daily emails of Virtualmin information such as quotas, bandwidth usage etc?




There isn’t a feature for daily status emails in Pro or GPL, sorry…

As far as quota monitoring in Virtualmin GPL – if you look in “Limits and Validation” in the menu on the left, do you see an option for “Disk Quota Monitoring”?


Hi Eric, thanks for the quick reply.

I don’t have the option for “Disk Quota Monitoring” on both installations I have. I am running the latest and greatest on both servers.

Perhaps this needs to be enabled? Are you able to give me some pointers?



Hi Paul,

Well, I tend to forget what features are available in the GPL vs Pro, so I was just double-checking that you were looking in the right place for it… which it sounds like you were! :slight_smile:

I think that means that notifications are a Pro feature… that menu option would exist without needing to enable anything otherwise.