Virtualmin Glp : how change port and name (01/05/19)


I have a web server with:
Centos Linux 7.6.1810
Webmin 1.900
Virtualmin: 6.06 (Version of Php 5.4.16 and 7.0.23)
Ip address: xxx.yyy.www.zzz

I created a server (in Virtualmin) named: xxx.yyy.www.zzz

I am looking to change the listening port of Virtualmin (from 10000 to 98765, for example and https://xxx.yyy.www.zzz:10000 to https://rte:10000, for exemple) and how to change the name of the hostname?
Please Thank you

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  1. Go to Webmin>Webmin Configuration>Ports and Addresses

Here you can change the ip address and/or the"Listening on Port" from 10000 to something else

  1. Go into your firewall and ensure that your new port is open in the firewall. Note if you are running a VPS, you may have two places where this might need to be done… 1. At your VPS provider network settings and 2. In Virtualmin’s own Firewall (you will need to determine which firewall virtualmin is using.

By default i think its “Firewalld”…

Webmin>Networking>Firewalld> Show rules in Zone = Public (default), scroll down to Ports and you will see your current port allocation for virtualmin is 10000-10100, change this to your desired port to allow it through firewalld.

If you are using linux firewall, then of course you will instead choose that firewall instead. If you select the wrong firewall, virtualmin will most likely display a warning message on screen telling you that a different firewall program is managing ports.

hope this helps