Virtualmin Framed Theme

Where can I download the Virtualmin Framed Theme as its no longer included and the Authentic theme is still buggy and slow.

Install it from the software repository. It’s called wbm-virtual-server-theme on CentOS/RHEL and webmin-virtual-server-theme on Debian/Ubuntu.

Have you filed tickets about bugs you’ve found? We can’t really do anything with “it’s buggy”. That’s just a vague feeling, not a specific thing we can look at and fix. We fix bugs we know about. :wink:

I’m surprised by the “slow” assertion. In my experience, it is roughly the same speed as the old themes, now, since it became a single-page app a few weeks ago…it no longer loads/parses JavaScript or CSS on every new page. It’s just loading the HTML and sticking it into a div; should be super fast, and on my systems it is. First page load is still a little slower than I’d like, and it might be sluggish on very slow client systems, since it has so much more going on. But, you get a lot of benefit from that trade; at least, I consider it a net win. Real-time stuff, the popup shell, the really nice file manager integration, better editor, etc. It really adds up to a nice user experience. I think if you try it for a while, you’ll grow to like it.

Thanks for the reply.

It’s the file manager that is the main issue when I try and edit a file sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I have been using Virtualmin since 2012 and like it a lot and I have given the new theme a good try but a simple lighter gui would be better. I don’t want a cpanel thing as a lot of the time I have to work from my phone with a slow connection and often resort to the command line. I got so frustrated at one point that I even installed VestaCP but that didn’t last long :slight_smile:

I understand that you want to move on and upgrade your product but putting all your eggs in one basket re that theme is not a wise move and it would be good to a have simple no frills alternative.

That’s useful feedback, thanks for following up. I can see how it’d be problematic on a phone. I am working on a new “nearly nothing” theme in Webmin for Webmin 2.0, and it’ll handle Virtualmin better than the current crop of old school Webmin themes does. But, I’m not sure if it’ll get a left-hand menu, or not; I kinda hate the framed model, but if we’re having to generate that left menu on every page, it becomes slow. Will have to see how it shapes up, once I’ve spent some time with current web standards, to see what we can do with nothing but HTML and CSS and as little markup as possible.

I’ll see if Ilia has heard from anyone else with file editing in Authentic. It seems like he would have noticed by now, as he uses File Manager a lot, and it gets a lot more use these days.

@joe “I am working on a new “nearly nothing” theme in Webmin for Webmin 2.0,”
Any word of this yet?

I use Virtualmin for a while too, and I also prefer to use the “Virtualmin framed theme”, that I copied from an old install. I am conscious and grateful for all the work the Virtualmin team have done for the “Authentic theme”, but I find it slower than the old theme (especially for the “File manager”) and, above all, I find it less comfortable for eyes. I become too old maybe :wink: So, please, let the future versions of Virutalmin compatibles with the “Virtualmin framed theme”.
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