Virtualmin for MessageLabs/Postini-like Service?


I am running Virtualmin Pro and was wanting to setup a MessageLabs/Postini-type service for a couple new domains for AntiVirus and AntiSpam filtering only. Has anyone configured this or is it at all possible with Virtualmin?

I imagine the email delivery and scanning to run the following general routine:

  1. MX records point only to Virtualmin server (customer SMTP server not in DNS)
  2. Email is received, checked for viruses and spam
  3. Email is then forwarded to a destination IP configured somehow/somewhere in Virtualmin (Postfix, etc) which is the customers receiving email server.

I would appreciate any comments on how this might be achievable with Virtualmin.


Hi Simon,

There’s a few ways to do that – I might recommend starting with the mail relay plugin.

You can get more details on how to relay mail here:,mail_relaying_with_virtualmin/

Have a good one,

Note that step 2 is not really possible with the Virtualmin spam/AV stack, because it relies on procmail…which only comes into play at the delivery stage. So, mail is never run through spamassassin or clamav if it is not being delivered locally.

You can, of course, setup a content filter in Postfix to perform that filtering (amavisd-new is probably the best of them, and has lots of good documentation for use with Postfix), but this loses all of the fine-grained control over processing that Virtualmin offers (because all processing happens during delivery in the Virtualmin toolchain, decisions about whether to scan and how to respond in the event of a positive result during scanning can be set per-user and/or per-domain…this is not really possible much earlier in the chain, as when using a content filter or milter).