Virtualmin For a Solid Corporate Email Platform? More questions inside...

I am looking at an email solution for a 1,000 email corporate solution.

I am wonder if virtualmin has a track record of being able to handle this number of email boxes and hundreds of IMAP connections.

How reliable is postfix that it does not lose email? Or just break down?

Can 500 users or more breath and work reliable on one dedicated server?

If I get the paid version, how will it benefit my clients?

Can I disable spamassassin and disable clamav?

I am thinking of pairing up virtualmin email with an outsourced mail filtering service.


On a system running Virtualmin, it uses Postfix and Dovecot for sending and checking email. Those are both very reliable tools, and I haven’t heard any comments of lost email.

If you found that the load was too high, you could always get higher end hardware. But I wouldn’t expect any issues with those tools that would cause unreliability.

It’s also no problem to disable SpamAssassin and ClamAV. You could also run those tools on a remote server if you wanted.

As far as running 1000 email users within Virtualmin – would those users all be within one domain? Or across several domains?

If they’re all within one domain, the biggest concern I can think of is that I’m not sure how quickly the “Edit Users” screen would load, you may want to test that out. However, if you find it not speedy, let us know, as there may be some tweaks that can be made to speed it up.

Regarding Virtualmin Pro – there aren’t many email-specific features that come only in Virtualmin Pro, though what you would get is the Virtualmin Pro Premium Support. You can see a list of the features available in Virtualmin Pro here:

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Can I remove the virtualmin pro branding from the user and admin webmin interface?


Virtualmin Pro offers a method to add your own logo to the interface.

The word “Virtualmin” and “Webmin” are still mentioned throughout, it doesn’t remove those, but it does display your logo prominently (it’s displayed on the top-left of the screen after logging in).