Virtualmin for a LAN test server

I have set up a centOS 5.1 test server on my LAN at work and I have been trying to get all of my websites moved over to it and running. After much considering and lots of reading I decided to use virtualmin as it seemed to be the best answer to my problems. The installation went well as far as I know. and I was impressed at how easy it was. Today I pulled a backup of one of my sites and used that to do a migrate from cpanel installation.

Everything looks like it came over great but when I try to view the site that I pulled I just get php soup from the joomla index.php page. I also thought that the migration would allow the other computers on my network to see the web site at www.example.dom. I am using .dom to differentiate from the production site.

My other problem is going to be migrating direct admin sites over to virtualmin but that is chapter 2. Am I missing a step in migrating the joomla sites over to virtualmin?

I didn’t find anything in the documentation that I recognized as what I was looking for. Thank you in advance for your advice.