Virtualmin Filemanager UX to close checkbox

Virtualmin Filemanager UX to close checkbox

If i try to check Directory with Mouse ein Filemanager to quick and often it goes into that Directory.
So need more space between the field right to it where you go into directory

If only me then :wink:

That Mouseover makes me…

I have no idea what you’re asking.

Wen i try to have the checkbox checked and not in the middle but somewhat on the edge, then it is opening the directory , if you are selecting manual a lot then you have to start over.

Even if the mouspointer is mousepointer arrow and stays arrow and not changes to the HAndpic that hapens!

So to close gap between the two: checkbox <|> directory choice see pic i use for test edge windows 10 with big mouse pointer.

hi what do you try to say… English is my 4th language in row and I cannot even understand what do you mean? Also please use some kind of sensible and up to date standards browsers like firefox or chrome or chromium… edge is for kids and its browser without respect… sorry.

EDGE is ok now! is in windows pro (based on some chromium… sofar i know if updated)

Chrome is not OK ofcourse . :wink: unsafe for privacy if you are in EU wellknown

Dyslexia and not english so?

See pic i try to selcet the checkbox with mouse mouspointer in windows set on BIG / large

I you then select and mousepointer don’t change to the shape of hand so stay pointer but on the edge of checkbox then not selecting that checkbox but opening the directory!

So where it should select the directory it goes into directory instead! you seee on pic example tried to draw the mouspointer in left pic that is pointer there then push button and see right picture it goes in directory action is started

The distance between the two actions is not right so no good UX there in the case of my example!

EDIT in my firefox with security settings lot of virtualmin doesn’'t work as filemanager by the way , no good security headers (strict…) and so on then blocks…

The new Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and was released on January 15, 2020

It is not browser related, and alo not related to size of mouse pointer while on size 1 same problem

He’s saying that if you don’t click PERFECTLY in the box it opens the folder rather than selects it. It is pretty touchy and I do it from time to time myself.

I think he’s asking for that area around the box to be more forgiving. In fact, I would make the entire area from the dots over to the left a select folder area rather than just the inside of the box.

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Thanks @Gomez_Adams

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