Virtualmin File Manager for aditional webmin adminitrators

Good day,

I am trying to set up an additional Webmin administrator that will only do basic webhost settings, creation of virtualhosts and so on.
I have managed to hide the File Manager from Webmin.
The problem is that the additional administrator has access to all the virtualhosts and the virtualhosts have a File Manager.
The virtualhost file manager has access to all the files on the server. Can I set the virtualhost file manager to only show the files associated with that user, not the server-wide files? As I do not want the additional administrator to accidentally delete server files which would be disastrous.

Thank you

Give them access via Usermin instead.
Its quite limited however you can configure Usermin interface for more than just email…for example file manager can be provided in Usermin.


Btw, virtualmin doesn’t give virtual server owners access to add/edit/delete to each other’s files (or those owned by root), same with other accounts on each virtual server. Just because some may be visible doesn’t mean you can alter them. You could also configure jails as well if you want.