virtualmin fails to install on centos 6

I just did a fresh install of centos 6 from dvd/iso on my locally hosted vps. I installed as basic server, then ran yum update -y, reboot, then installed virtualmin. it fails and seems to be missing a few packages. this is part of the log I copied. I’m now reinstalling the os fresh again at the moment.

No package rh-postgresql available.

No package rh-postgresql-server available.

No package php-domxl available.

No package mod_python available.

there may be more, but I didn’t take notice before shutting it down. I’ll post again if I have the same problem and find more after the reinstall.


If you could also post the /root/virtualmin-install.log file, that’d be super. Thanks!


should I install the required packages from rpm, or is this a repo problem that will be fixed soon?

no one else gets this error? it’s a fresh install, not doing anything weird

I have the same problem with CentOS 6.3

Note that the missing packages are warnings only, they aren’t the cause of the problem…

To determine the cause of the problem, the packages that are failing can be manually installed using RPM – and an error will show up that should assist in resolving the issue.


Repo where I find them?

how install it?


Well, in your request over here, we did exactly that:

We used the virtualmin-install.log file to determine what was failing, we then used “wget” to download the .rpm the RPM that failed, we tried to install it – and that’s where it gave us the error about locate not being installed.

If after that, the installation still fails – that just means we have to review the virtualmin-install.log file to see what the most recent error is.