Virtualmin fails to create virtual servers..


I’m a bit lost, I’ve been using virtualmin for about 2 years now, have added hundreds of domains without issue, but today it’s not adding virtual servers anymore. It gets this far:

Creating administration group apprent …
… done

Creating administration user apprent …
… done

But that’s it, nothing after that. I’ve left it running for half an hour, and come back to find it still hasn’t finished.

It adds relevant details to /etc/passwd and /etc/group, but fails to create a home directory.

Anyone encountered this one before?

That’s weird. :wink:

Open a terminal and run ‘top’. See if anything is eating a bunch of CPU and running for a long time. There might be something making things really slow, and causing the browser to timeout between the last step that completes and the next.

Did you notice any slowdown over time as you added more users? (This could indicate resources are too slim for the number of accounts and websites and mailboxes and such that you have.)

How much free memory do you have? If processes have to be swapped in and out a lot during creation (caused by having too little memory) it could slow things so much that the browser times out.

In short, I think maybe a browser timeout is the most likely cause of this, since Virtualmin would give an error if something were going wrong quickly enough for it to do so. Though I’m not sure what would cause things to go slow enough to cause a browser timeout.