VirtualMin: Failed DNS Validation when request CERT attempted from Let's Encrypt Servers

I’am trying to read mail via GMail.

To do that i have via VirtualMin to request a Let’s Encrypt Cert.

But iam receiving this error when DNS Validation is attempted by Elet’s Encrypt Servers

A TXT record entry with specific value is applied automatically to my DNS Zone every time i make an attempt to request a certificate via VirtualMin

Since it is able to add this DNS entry by itself sucessfully WHY does it report back? challenge did not pass: Incorrect TXT record “IQ_bFSECzFcqYKWJSLWyV37-psVy57_cmF_bq-H63Sc”
found at

What exactly is this error message saying? that it cannot reuqest back the TXT record entry that told VirtualMin to put there in the first place?

kind of doublepost , see other reply from me dns is not good for

Also what is your hostname / mainserver has this for example only then no good if so. ( you do not use maindomain name as hostname normally)
should be “vm or vps-or…whatever you want.”.yourservermaindomain.

the Hostname i have set is just “”
Should i ask the compnay to set a PTR record for is it possible that the lack of PTR created problems.

Please post here your DNS reply you mentioned becuase i kind of lost track in the other thread.

To my mind - hostname should not be “” - that’s the domain name. Hostname should be something like “server1” or anything like that, i.e. a single name - no dot and no suffix.

VirtualMin installaton had the hostname been “” upon running the install script. I dont think that is a problem though but i want to hear form others too.

Nikos - you are saying “you don’t think it’s a problem” but you do seem to be having a few problems. Hostname NOT EQUAL domain name. I suggest you fix this. Jfro is saying the same thing.

Apologize, should i set the hostname to perhaps “” and then create an A record for it?
if i just set it to “nikos” system is not accepting it because its not being resolved.

update: i changed the hostname to “” and creates an A entry in DNS.

I suggest using an external dns system while you seems to use / have only one ip ( and others same block) nameservers you have to do it right minimum 2 ip and also in different ip blocks .

If you manual or automatic then fille in your records there , you onlye have to take care of bind /dns for maindomain/ mail and dkim part if using.

Reverse ptr you ask your host to set it right or in an panel if they have.

Respons from me is 123 short and quick, so read first more about that stuff on the web!

you need ofcourse for hostname also le cert , best is to have them all in one ( how i do it, but some do separate them) for that domain.

I did write before with your dovecot LE problems can’t help you with wirten out manuals, while having other config, as you can see here i was so right. :wink:

Please don’t go for quick changes everytime something is not 100% ok, but take more time to read about such topics and howtos on the web, i advise while only then you could know more to do it right otherwise it seems you are folow advise / texts on the web and here without knowing the reason, and as serveradmin you have to know real what you do!

I do lot on CLI and not in Virtualmin GUI , so i can’t help with lot of stuff as howto’s, only pointing out some are good or not as end result!

I’m not sure I explained myself properly.

Hostname - this is a singular name. Like “nikos” or “nikos1” or any single word. That’s what you set in Webmin - Networking - Network Configuration - Hostname & DNS Client. It might be possible to set it in Virtualmin - but I couldn’t see it.

Domain name is usually a 2 part name - in your case:

DNS Entries - these are made up of A records, CNAMES, TXT records and MX records (mostly). I suggest you read up on these and perhaps read up on your Registrar’s website on how the entries should be made. Assuming you aren’t running BIND yourself.



Again as we ( Dibs and me)both have advise for you more then one time do more readings about all those topics you’re asking here yourself!

As lot goes wrong doing false / wrong … :wink:


As almost none Control panel is for newbee out of the box, doing stuff all good as it has to be, even if so you better have some knowledge what you do as SERVERADMINS!

my Companys panel at “change hostnames” it does not let me use just “nikos” as value fr Hostname, but “” creating an A record for it.

“That’s what you set in Webmin - Networking - Network Configuration - Hostname & DNS Client. It might be possible to set it in Virtualmin - but I couldn’t see it”

Will there be any trouble if i put there just “nikos”, perhaps breaking things, iam afraid to do it…

Here you go with knowledge.


my Companys panel at “change hostnames” is the one from your hoster right?

That is total different then GUI Virtualmin!

That part (the one from your hoster) is doing it as you can do in CLI.

Knowing really what you do and what those GUI, company’s panel and CLI do is a PLUS!

Not knowing ( good enough) and react as … much to quick doing changes everytime someone write here , or you read somewhere is so dangerous!

Keep in mind DIBS Me and all are mean it well with you, but Users asking for Support should do also some work, sofar possible to get more and better knowledge about some basics that serveradmin has to know.

VIRTUALMIN / WEBMIN is very bad control panel for the kind of “copy paste” serveradmins .

Dont know how to say it in good Englisch without being rude where copypaste-only=dumb, not meaning to be that rude!

I’m not a experienced LINUX server admin but have over 30 years experience in IT , then you know most mistakes made because lack of knowledge. even me… :wink:

Please re-read comment #9. Then maybe re-read it x2 again. :wink:

@Nikos - my advice to you is this (and feel free to ignore it): get yourself another VPS (DigitalOcean & Linode are cheap enough). Install something like Ubuntu 16.04LTS and follow their tutorials (there’s lots of them) on hardening it, setting up IPTables, SSH, etc. Just a basic box. Learn the basics. Anything goes wrong - start again: the images deploy easy enough.


  • basic networking,
  • DNS entries,
  • the difference between hostname, DNS and a FQDN
  • basic Linux permissions
  • how to do basic stuff from CLI, like create files, copy files, set permissions & delete files

Once you have a basic box - install Virtualmin and assuming you have done the above, in 99% of the cases things will run with 0 issues.

Unfortunately the big downside of all the above is YOU need to invest that time in yourself, your skills & knowledge.

I would go so far as to say the choice is binary - either invest or pay someone else to do it. There is a 3rd choice - don’t do it.


I asked an admin of my company to take a loot at my DNS and it says

your server has a PTR record, this subdomain can’t have a PTR record:

I see that your domain has MX record and this shows that your domain “” is pointed to your subdomain “”:

What should i ask them to do? PTR should be pointed to or

and HOW to alter “” to NOT point to subdomain “”: ?

Please have a little pasience with me, i must sort this out.

  1. From within VirtualMin=>Network Configuration=>Hostname, shall i set it to “nikos” or to “” ?
  2. WHY anf HOW to alter “” to NOT point to subdomain “”: ?
  3. Which hostname has to have PTR record configured? “” or “”

Please help me FIX this mess with DNS Records because i don’t want to break things as i host other 3 websites. Thank you very much.

i droped “Nikos” lets try “secure”

If i make the hostname change via virtualmin it says hostname: secure(10.x.x.x some local ip).
If i instead change the hostanme from my company’s panel it doesnt allow me to use “secure” as hostname, but it needs an A record for that which i added to DNS records and wants the hostname to be as “”

is this ok for 1st step to troubleshoot this?

Which method of altering hostname should i pick Virtualmin’s or Time4VPS panel?

Here is a pic for you guys to see my current DND Record Configuration:

Can you please check if it is ok?
Ask my any output you want to see and i’ll post back to you.
Thank you and please have a little patience with me to help me resolve this.

I only see and understand you didn’t.

and some

You can use the

Or payed ticket support if you don’t have time enough…

While only picking one example if using ipv6 do it all and right also ptr record for ipv6 should be ok and so more…

Ι have read all yout posts but i still need step-by-step guidance.
I cannot afford paying for support.

But iam willing to try commands via SSH or VirtualMin and post back the results.
Please as a perosnal favour, do help me understand whats wrong with my DNS configuration.