virtualmin error

I have update my virtualmin GPL with last version (4.10.gpl GPL) but now it give me the below error when trying to access system setting -> Features and Plugins:

Error - Perl execution failed

Undefined subroutine &virtual_server::ui_img called at /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/edit_newfeatures.cgi line 29

im using centos 6,5

any advise?

I have same problem, clear instalation after reinstalled VPS.

Debian 7.5

I was wondering what is the resolution to the above error looked at the line of logic posing the problem I’d love to get this issue sorted out asap please:

     29          push(@table, [
     30                         ui_img("images/tick.gif", "Enabled"),
     31                         $text{'feature_'.$f},
     32                         $text{'features_feature'},
     33                         $module_info{'version'},
     34                         $fcount{$f} || 0,
     35                         { 'type' => 'checkbox', 'name' => 'factive',
     36                           'value' => $f, 'checked' => $config{$f} == 3 },
     37                         &ui_links_row(\@acts)
     38                         ]);
     39                 }
     40         else {
     41                 # Other features can be disabled
     42                 push(@table, [
     43                         { 'type' => 'checkbox', 'name' => 'fmods',
     44                           'value' => $f, 'checked' => $config{$f} != 0,
     45                           'tags' => "onClick='form.factive[$n].disabled = !this.checked;'",
     46                         },
     47                         $text{'feature_'.$f},
     48                         $text{'features_feature'},
     49                         $module_info{'version'},
     50                         $fcount{$f} || 0,
     51                         { 'type' => 'checkbox', 'name' => 'factive',
     52                           'value' => $f, 'checked' => $config{$f} != 2,
     53                           'disabled' => $config{$f} == 0 },
     54                         &ui_links_row(\@acts)
     55                         ]);
     56                 }
     57         $n++;
     58         }


Same problem on Ubuntu Linux 14.04

well i had the same problem, this happened to me because i also have updated webmin,

so you can downgrade it back , instructions below is very simple

Webmin update error “Undefined subroutine &virtual_server::ui_img”

Downgrading webmin

Run something like the comand below but changing to you last version
apt-get install -f webmin-virtual-server=4.09.gpl

for centos try yum reinstall webmin-virtual-server=4.09.gpl

I don’t know if anyone else is having problems downgrading their versions on a 64bit system of CentOS but a slight correction on CentOS 6.5

The command’s:

yum downgrade webmin

will go down to the previous version

For those who faced this error right after Virtualmin fresh install / upgrade here is a quick fix for this issue:

  1. comment out line #30:

#ui_img(“images/tick.gif”, “Enabled”),

  1. Add code below on the next line:

“<img src=“images/tick.gif”>”,

Voila! Problem is fixed! :slight_smile:

Seems VM developers just forgot to include required file containing “ui_img” function.

after upgrading webmin to the latest version (1.7) problem solved.

Or you can just edit out the offending line number 29 (comment out I mean, it works since only the first 2 lines are one offset (one reduced column), but those 2 are ones you can’t really disable or not allow by default anyway.

Webmin 1.700 not yet available in the virtualmin gpl repo (please somebody add this):

though, it is available in the cloudmin gpl repo:


  1. Install manually Webmin 1.700
  2. Replace the line in the file as mentioned by dev.gamidov (

if you change the theme of webmin to MSC.Linux theme then it can be updated automatically and later on you can change back to your original theme.

Hi all,

i have also fixed the problem by updating webmin to Webmin 1.700.

But the big problem is that apache is not starting

i now see a 1.701 in the debian repo, but the index is not reflecting that. i have downloaded the 1.701 deb and installed and that has fixed the problem for me. the packages file shows it was rebuilt after the webmin deb, but something obviously went wrong

it looks like the yum repos have the 1.701 available now as well.