Virtualmin edit users wont load

I have big problem with managing users account . One of domain : have 56 email account and yesterday i can edit it .Today i have spinning load page and im waiting 10 min and nothing 20min and nothing . Quota used by that all 56 email account is 4,6GB . On the other domain :xxxxx.tld i can edit , page load very fast etc .
I have 15 domains and around 100 email accounts.

I try disable in User interface settings : Show mailbox size in users list? and Disk Quota and Quota Used . No improvement
Can any help me with this issue ?

OK .i found problem . Mysql server wont startup correctly . I have Error Code 23 . I must set in [mysqld] :
open_files_limit = 5000 and max_allowed_packet to 1000M