Virtualmin -> Edit Databases does not show DB created via command line


I created and imported a database from the command line via ‘mysql’ and I realized when I go into Virtualmin → Edit Databases, it doesn’t seem to show there.

Do I need to delete the DB and create it there before I import my existing data, or is there some way I can let the Virtualmin system know the DB exists?

Thanks for the help.


OS type and version ROCKY LINUX 8.5
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1
Related packages NONE

install phpMyAdmin via scripts and import with that. Alot easier.
P.S. Just looking at doc, there is a command line you may like

virtualmin → virtual server you want to add DB → Edit Databases → Import Database tab. choose the db and import ( Databases for server to own).

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Interestingly, after installing phpMyAdmin, it doesn’t see the cli imported DB that is currently running and functioning on the site, either…

I’ll try this way. The reason I imported via cli is because when I’ve tried importing via phpMyAdmin in the past, it hangs and never imports right. Let’s see how the Virtualmin importer does…I’ll keep you posted.

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