Virtualmin Documentation

I’m trying to put together some simple instructions for our users and was wondering if anyone know of a good resource that explains quotas, emails and aliases. I have tried the documentation on the virtualmin site but did not fund a lot of details.


The new website (coming in a few days, I hope) has dramatically overhauled documentation, including much more user friendly guides for most common tasks.

If you can wait about a week, I suspect you’ll find your wishes have been granted.

That is great, Thanks for the replay.

Any update as to when the new launch will be?

Hopefully not much longer. I suck at making estimates, and I always overestimate how much time I’ll be able to spend working on things rather than doing support, answering email, doing bookkeeping, paying taxes, etc. And, everything is always more time-consuming than I expect.

The only outstanding development work now is on the new store and license manager. I’ve finally just about wrapped my head around developing for Drupal, I’ve built most of a new content type for licenses, and I’m now working on the UI for managing licenses. Once that’s done, I’ll figure out how to actually sell those licenses via UberCart. After that, it’s just a matter of moving the users and data over to the new site, which is something I have a lot of experience with and expect to only take a couple of days.

So, optimistically four days. Pessimistically ten to fifteen days.