Virtualmin DNS slave configuration not working/mail forward not available.

Hey guys, I have virtualmin 3.76 on two seprate VPS’s. One is being used as Web/DNS/Mail server and the other I want to get working as a hold and forward mail server and backup DNS server.

According to this… I have configured it exactly as described and selected that it will need to create existing zones on the new DNS server. It did create them and set it up under /etc/named.conf but all of the actual zone files were blank and renamed with random numbers/letters.

I had to manually transfer the zones inside of /var/named/slaves/ and now when I create new ones it still doesn’t transfer to the second DNS server. I am not sure what setting is not working.

To sum it up, it will transfer and change the file /etc/named.conf but not transfer any zones into /var/named/slaves/, I have to manually move them over.

One more thing, on this it says to " Now open the ‘‘Addresses and Networking’’ menu item, and click on ‘‘Secondary Mail Servers’’." I am not seeing anything like that under Addresses and Networking, only the options below
Change IP Addresses
Shared IP Addresses
Dynamic IP Update

Is this only available in the paid version?

Is this only available in the paid version?

Hrm, that may be the case… looking in version 3.76 of Virtualmin Pro, I do see Addresses and Networking -> Secondary Mail Servers.


as for bind, it came to my attention that master zones are written as root and slave zones on the slave server as named. so it creates a file permission conflict. This needs to be corrected. Try adding named to the root group and set permissions for group writable or make the folder 777

So dns backup server is broken and the article about hold and forward mail servers is tagged incorrectly with Virtualmin GPL?

Sounds good to me, looks like I have to configure postfix manually for hold/forward mail server and wait for the 3.77/3.8 release of virtualmin.

Anyone know of any good online tutorials? Not really a hold my hand type of tutorial for the mail server but just something that generally explains it and a quick overview of how to handle postfix configuration?