Virtualmin DNS Records

Operating System: Virtualmin 6.14
OS version: Ubuntu 20.04

Howdy Virtualmin Community

Firstly I’d like to say that I have been using Virtualmin basically for the last 18 months or so and I like using it…

So anyways I run 2 mail servers from the one server… The other day when I was doing a recent backup of my Virtualmin that I by accident I unclicked the option on one of the domains not to backup the bind part of the server etc.

And now when I have it restored the DNS Zone file for that particular domain has taken on the NameServers of the other Domain but the rest of the Zone is correct… And when I go and try to re-check and re-configure the Domain with the issues it tells me that I can’t or that there isn’t any issue with the zone files.

As I also do my own/run my own DNS Servers/Name Servers and don’t rely on for example GoDaddy or another company to host my DNS.

So any how I could re-instate the Bind options/DNS Zone files to allow it to be corrected?



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