Virtualmin disable use of source command

I have just setup virtualmin on clean system, and I realise that the accounts created don’t permit the use of the source to setup my preferences in .bashrc.

when I try execute

source ~/.profile

the response is

-sh: source: not found

When I create the account manually the command works. It seems the templates probably doesn’t set bash as the default shell. Where can I fix this?


Frank Church

On further examination it seems that the problem was caused by the way the default shell is set up, which is probably /bin/sh. I have been to the admin page and changed the default shell for the administration to /bin/bash. bit after starting the change doesn’t seem to have taken.

Is there a way to reset or will it be necessary to recreate the account?


Hi Frank,

You can set what the shells should be in System Customization -> Custom Shells.

You can change the shell for an existing user by using the “chsh” command from the command line, or via Virtualmin by going into Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups, and editing the shell from that page.