Virtualmin dies

My sites are affiliate sites but the spiders hammer my sites. I put a crawl delay of 10 and found out that googlebot doesnt even honor ths anymore…uggg

So my VPS memory gets used up and then virtualmin stops responding to requests…I have to SSH in and

/etc/init.d/webmin start

in order for it to restart. I tried rebooting my box daily which also works but I dont want to take my site down. Why is virtualmin dying on me?

Ive got 2 gigs of burstable ram on this VPS. It hovers at about 80-90% utilized all the time. What would you check to fix this?

I know I can put that webmin start in a cron job but really? Is it that unstable?



Unfortunately, Webmin isn’t the problem you’re fighting with here… it sounds like you’re using OpenVZ, and if you begin using burst RAM – that’s unreliable, as any processes using it may need to be killed at any moment to make RAM available for other users.

Take a look at your /proc/user_beancounters file – if the “failcnt” column on the far right is non-zero for any of the items listed in there, that means OpenVZ is bumping into resource limits, and possibly killing processes to handle that.

What you would need to do is find a way to keep your resource usage lower (or ask your provider to raise your limits).

For example, it’s easy for Apache to use up quite a bit of RAM by default. What you may want to do is edit your Apache config, and set MaxClients fairly low.


Next step will be finding a hoster that does not use this P.I.A. virtualization thing called “OpenVZ”. :slight_smile: Almost daily there’s reports here about problems with that system.

Openvz isn’t the real problem, the hoster is probably overselling its available space. That is very common in this industry. There is likely no Burstable RAM available due to too many VPS instances on its servers.