Virtualmin Credentials for Website Update

Hi everyone,

I’m going to hire a freelancer for a project on my site, I wouldn’t want to give full access to the server as there are multiple websites, is it possible to give access ONLY to that specific website? if yes how?

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Fabrix sure thing, you can give him access to /public_html of that website via ssh (sftp) key, he wont even need virtualmin access via password. If you need to give him access to sql use phpmyadmin - create user with password and database and give that user full access to that database only and give him only those details. If you dont mind him to log into the virtualmin give him login for that website user/password.

Go to that virtual server you want him to work on the site of. Edit users, add user. Fill out his name and a password. Done. He’ll have access to the public html folder of that server and that’s it.

Thanks, @Gomez_Adams @unborn guys, really much appreciated this info :slight_smile:


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