Virtualmin creates the following pop3 login format

Virtualmin creates the following pop3 login format “user.domain” - rather than the more common used “” is there anyway to change it too user@domain instead of user.domain

I simply want to change it to with a working IMAP - and Postfix. can this be changed? I have tried squirrelmail - roundcube and various others and all have to login with user.domain and I just want to be able to b login with just “User” Please help.

Thank You



You can read about the reason that’s not the default, but also how to set that up, in the second question at the FAQ here:

That was a much easier fix than I thought it would be. Thanks!

The main problem is when you are a reseller, clients just aren’t used to using namedomain, they are used to using when they set up outlook and other email programs. Some of those customers think you are using some chat software when they see it… Although we all know the real deal!