Virtualmin connection lost when syntax error in Nginx

Hi There,

First of all, thank you for this great Cpanel alternative! It’s been a pleasure to configure everything in Virtualmin.

Finally I have figured out how to change the default address to something else, like
The proxy pass is working and I can connect to the new URL without a problem. However, when I have made a syntax error in the Nginx conf file, then Virtualmin will lose connection. I have to first fix the syntax error via SSH, before I can connect again to Virtualmin.
And this is I think because of the " location" block that is missing when there is a syntax error in Nginx and Virtualmin won’t connect then anymore.
Also, when I save something in the file editor (file browser), it saves fine, but the loading sign (spinning circle upper right corner) keeps spinning around. The save is done however, but the loading sign keeps spinning. This started to happen after I have implemented the reverse proxy pass in Nginx and the rest of the configuration in the Virtualmin/Webmin config files…

How Can I solve these two minor issues?




location /virtualmin/ {
proxy_redirect http://:10000$host/ /virtualmin/;
proxy_set_header Host $host;