Virtualmin command line not working in CentOS 8.2

I have built a new server CentOS 8.2 server at lest 5 times now and the cli interface for virtualmin does not work.

when I rebuild the server to CentOS 7.8 all works as expected.
IS there an issues with Virtualmin Pro and CentOS 8.2 and the cli interface to Virtualmin?
[root@svr03 ~]# virtualmin
-bash: virtualmin: command not found
[root@svr03 ~]#


Stop reinstalling. It’s a known bug. I don’t know if Jamie has figured out a fix yet, or not, but I haven’t been able to figure it out when I’ve looked at it. The script can, I’m pretty sure, be copied over from a good CentOS installation.

Hopefully we’ll have a new version that fixes it soon.

Thanks Joe appreciate the response

Thanks for the fix as below

The work around would be is to go to System Settings > Virtualmin Configuration , open Advanced options accordion and manually set Path to create API helper command to /usr/sbin/virtualmin , save and re-run config check.


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