overhaul scheduled for this evening

Howdy all,
Just a heads up about scheduled downtime this evening. The months I’ve put in on the new website have finally brought it to a state that I’m satisfied is significantly better than the current website.
So, I’ll be taking down the OpenACS site that we’ve all come to both love and hate over the past two years, and in its place I’ll be firing up a brand spanking new Joomla-based website.
I’m excited to finally be able to call the new website ready, and let all of you bold Early Adopters give it a try. There will be some discomfort to begin with, because Joomla uses a different password hash than OpenACS, as well as a different set of policies regarding usernames and email addresses and how you login. So, logins will change! I will be sending out an email to all registered users with your new login name and password (which can be reset to whatever you prefer). This will be a one time mailing.
The downtime will not effect email or the software repositories, so we will still be accessible if you have any emergency support queries. I do not expect the downtime to last more than an hour or so. It will begin at approximately 10:30 Pacific time.

Sounds great! May it be as painless (at your end) as possible.

Remember to allow your users to edit their own posts, bug report, support tickets etc. This is my greatest misgiving of the old system! :wink:

All the best!

> 10:30 Pacific time.

Is that am or pm? :wink: Or is it 1030 hr (military style, sir yes sir)?

May I also suggest that you clearly distinguish the Virtualmin GPL users from the PAID Virtualmin Pro users (using Joomla-based JACL Plus component?). The reasons are:

  1. Since the functionality and user interface of the GPL and Pro version are different, it helps to know which version the person asking question is using.

  2. Priority should always be given to Pro users when answering questions.

  3. Distinguishing Pro and GPL users allow you to implement different access privileges. Pro users should have better access to resources than GPL users.

Howdy AH,

Thanks for the good wishes.

It’s PM, and it’s done. :wink:

We do have some plans to begin integrating GPL into the conversation here at with quite a bit more completeness–better documentation coverage, installers for GPL, etc. And, there are new features in development for Professional users that I think folks will like a lot–it’s actually a lot of the same features we are integrating into a new product (a pretty pricey one, for big hosting providers). So, on both counts, I believe you’ll get your wish.

I see now that we’ve got a few quirks in the migration…but nothing too dramatic, actually. Went smoother than I’d expected, and we were only offline for about 15 minutes.

Hi Joe,

Congratulations on a successful migration! The new site looks nice, and I know you put a ton of work into it. I am still just exploring at this point, but the first thing I wanted to do was to subscribe to e-mail “notifications” on all forums as I had before. I don’t see an option for this, only to subscribe to individual topics/threads that have already been created. Is it possible to do this on the new site, or do we have to actually login to the web site to look for new posts?


Maybe it’s still a bit too soon to be trying the new features. I just got this error when clicking on the “Bugs and Issues” link:

Not Found

The requested URL /bugs/index.php was not found on this server.
Apache/2.0.53 (RHEL) Server at Port 80

15 minutes! Faster than it takes me to say virtualmin :wink: Of course, anyone with some experience in IT management will know how long it takes to get to this stage. So congratulations!

A few quick feedback for you…

  1. When I edit my past posts at the forums, I get "Hacking Attempt!" Hehehe…

  2. Bug reporting section has gone fishing for 404 prawns.

  3. You need a space after the full stop at the front page:

"Virtualmin is always available, no matter where you are or how you want to work.Virtualmin…"

Fixed. That was a bug I introduced while doing my "pre-flipping-the-switch" testing. :wink:

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll look into the hacking attempt thing…This forum is a bit fruity. Too much weird crap going on. But it’s the best available for Joomla (it’s Fireboard 1.0.0 with a quite few little customizations)…I’ll be doing some more work on it over the coming week to get rid of the remaining annoyances.

Bug tracker is fixed.

Full stop fixed.

Hey Alan,

On the notifications thing, it looks like you’re right. That’s a nuisance. It’ll be fixed soon. In fact, that’s probably the first thing I’ll be tackling.

In the meantime, the RSS feeds actually work! :wink:

Thanks, I’ll check out the RSS feeds in the meantime.

Regarding the bug tracker, how do users create new bugs and open tickets? I only see a list of the existing items.

Argh. It broke. It’s not recognizing users after the move. I’m not seeing immediately what’s wrong…but I’ll get it fixed shortly.

A couple other things I noticed about the bug tracker…

I had updated my username in my main profile for, which automatically propagated to the forums, but it did not seem to associate me in the bug tracker. So, I changed my username back. Now I see a few more options in the bug tracker, but still no option to create or edit existing records, including no ability to comment on my own bug reports.

Also, like the forums, it looks like we can “watch selected tasks” in the bug tracker, but I don’t see any option to be notified of new bug reports, neither e-mail or RSS.

Yep, it’s a username changing bug in the FlySpray bridge. Try it again and see if the username keeps up when you change it. I think I fixed it.

I’m looking into why you don’t get an Add new task link. The username bug doesn’t explain why you aren’t getting the option after changing your name back to AlanDobkin (that was quick troubleshooting, BTW), though. That may be me forgetting to add everyone to a group in the bug tracker or something. I’m digging.

OK, I auto-assigned the wrong group during the migration. Fixed now, I think. Give it a look (both the username changing and see if you have a "Add new task" link).

Thanks for spotting these troubles.

> I’ll look into the hacking attempt thing…This forum is a bit fruity. Too much weird crap going on. But it’s the best available for Joomla (it’s Fireboard 1.0.0 with a quite few little customizations)…I’ll be doing some more work on it over the coming week to get rid of the remaining annoyances.

Yes, this BB is very fruity. For example, when I click "QUOTE", I get quotes from an earlier post, not the one I chose.

I thought you were going to go with SMF. There’s a Joomla-SMF bridge you know.

OK, username changing still isn’t working for the bug tracker. I need to spend some more time with it.

Also… the "bugs & issues" section only shows Bug Reports. All the past Customer Issues are gone.

Thanks for fixing the bug tracker. Aside from being able to change usernames (which really isn’t a big deal, although I did try changing it again and then changed it back again when it still didn’t work), the add task link now appears. Being able to comment on all bugs is a huge improvement!

Yeah, I tried SMF, too. It’s good, but too much. It is so focused on being everything on a site that it gets in the way of being a good part of a much larger site. And, while you have only seen a small portion of the pains I’ve been through with the Flyspray bridge and making it all work together, I can say with confidence that had I introduced another bridged component it would still be another two weeks before I finally got to launch it (and the end result–where we’ll be in a month or two–would be worse). Keep reporting the problems you run into, and I’ll fix them.

Actually all of my major complaints (aside from a few bugs, like the quote thing) about Fireboard are that it does too much and has too much stuff on the page, even with all of the options turned off. SMF is way busier.

Anyway, the old site and its opaque nature led us all to begin to think of things on as immovable objects. This site will change daily, and problems will get fixed. I’m not a PHP expert, by any means, but I’ve got the chops to knock out simple web app problems like these. It is a new era for, and it will become exactly the site we’ve been wishing for. :wink: