migration planned for early next week

Hi all,

I just wanted to give everyone a bit of prior warning about the impending migration of from its current CMS, OpenACS, to an entirely new site based on Joomla. The change will bring about a number of oft-requested features and improvements. The only negatives are that there will be some downtime, probably a couple of hours, and everyone will have to reset their password (and probably choose a new username). All forum data, bug tracker data, and software license data will be migrated to the new site, but deep links to any of that content will break.

I’m not sure exactly when the changeover will occur, but I believe all of the migrations will happen over the next two or three days, and as soon as all data is moved I’ll flip the switch. The site is vastly superior, so we’d like to get migrated, ASAP.

We’ll be sending out an email to every registered user that includes a new randomly generated password and your username. You’ll then be able to login and change either or both values.

Also worth noting, the software repositories and installation sources will not be impacted during the downtime. So, you will still be able to install Virtualmin even while we’re off line.