maintenance and upgrades tonight

Howdy all,

We’re experiencing a bit of turbulence from an upgrade of Drupal and some modules today, so we’ve gone up and down a couple of times, and may go up and down again a few more times before it’s all sorted out. Currently performance is problematic, and I can’t quite sort out why (there’s no obvious CPU or memory contention, but everything is quite a bit slower than it was before the upgrades, so I’m guessing there’s a pathological new database query in one of the upgraded modules or in Drupal itself). I’ll let y’all know when it’s straightened out, and thank you in advance for your patience in these trying times while we all have to wait for pages to load.

Also, there was a period where a bug in one of the modules that didn’t get upgraded, but Drupal changed around it in incompatible ways, prevented creating new content (posts, comments, etc.). But, that’s now been fixed. If you got a blank screen during the 30 minutes or so it was happening while I was troubleshooting, sorry about that (I did a test upgrade on a devel instance, but didn’t test posting, so didn’t know about the problem until it was in prod); you can use your back button and repost in most browsers, if you haven’t closed the window.