virtualmin cannt found mysql

Virtualmin has been installed on my server as a module of webmin and it’s working fine. but I need to add mysql to virtualmin features but virtualmin cann’t find mysql which is installed and works fine.
any idea about this issue?


are you talking about the GPL version of Virtualmin or Virtualmin Pro?


GPL one

Version doesn’t matter here. The database features are identical between the two.

You need to tell Webmin where to find your MySQL installation–it’s probably a non-standard package. Browse to Webmin:Servers:MySQL Database Server and click on Module Config…

I can’t tell you what configuration to use, as you haven’t told us your OS/version and how your MySQL is installed. Get the configuration right, and Virtualmin will be able to create dbs and users in MySQL and Webmin will be able to manage tables and data.

I’ve installed mysql through webmin ( using yum -y mysql mysql-server mysql-devel , I guess )
and Webmin shows mysql databases and other features of mysql module are ok.
but webmin can’t talk to mysql,
I’m using CentOS5.
Also I’ve installed perl module that was needed for webmin.
Can I set virtualmin config’s about mysql manually? or another way to introduce mysql to virtualmin?

I mean virtual min can’t talk to mysql, sorry.

Virtualmin’s config comes from the Webmin module–there is nothing to configure.

At this point, I’m not sure what you’re wanting Virtualmin to do that it isn’t doing. Do you not have the option to create MySQL databases in the Server Templates? Do you not have the option to allow virtual server administrators to use the MySQL module in the Module Configuration? What is it exactly that you can’t do?

yes, I wanna add mysql to server template via add features and plugins but after checking the mysql check box and clicking on save. virtualmin shows me an error that it can’t find mysql