virtualmin-base broken on ubuntu 10.04 lts due to libsasl2/libsasl2-2


Realize I couldn’t install virtualmin on a new vps, it’s having problems with libsasl2-2. (virtualmin-base depending on libsasl2, system wanting libsasl2-2)

On another 10.04 box where I had it installed already I just checked, and it’s saying:

The following packages have been kept back:

You’re right, there’s a dependency issue in there. I’ve notified Joe so that he can get that fixed up :slight_smile:


Same here.

FYI in
I’ve checked the packages on the repository and The virtualmin-base_1.0.26ubuntu depend on libsasl2-2 while virtualmin-base_1.0-27 depend on libsasl2


Looks like there is a new version (1.0-28) upgraded perfectly.

Thanks !

Glad to hear it worked… thanks for the update!