Virtualmin backup

Hi, everytime I make backups in virtualmin it makes it in site.gz format.

When I open that there is a file in there but its a ms-dos file.

How can I make it so that I can go into folder and view the files etc…?

Do let me know.



You can instead switch to the “One file per server” backup format, in which the home directory contents are in the main tar.gz file … this is easier to understand and extract.

The current format wasn’t really designed for manual extraction :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps!

*** if you need a better explanation, or this isn’t what you were looking for, just update the thread ***


Hi, I am actually using one file per server format.

How can I view the files on my desktop then? I used winrar to extra the backup.

Let me know.


Anyone? thanks!

By default, when using the “new” Virtualmin backup format, you should see all the files from the Virtual Server’s home directory when opening the .tar.gz file.

If you aren’t seeing that, make sure your backup is set to include “Server’s home directory and web pages” as part of the backup (that’s one of the features that can be enabled on the backup screen).